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What does that even mean?

Posting a story, showing up to your workout, checking in with your coach?

These past few days I have been literally hibernating, the fear of not showing up and putting 100% into my workouts and health has stopped me in my tracks.

Doing the motion of all my regular routine out of pure habit, yet, I know I haven't been showing up for myself and putting in the neccessary work. The bare minimum of effort has been extracted from me, the uncertainty of these times and the stress it has put on my business, like many others, has physically weighed me down,

To myself, at the end of the day, I am only accountable to myself so I know when I don't reach my standard. You can lie to yourself all you want but ultimately you know you are not showing up for yourself or your body. Even writing this I know it will probably take me a few more days to get out of this.

Accountability is putting yourself first, it's making sure you are making the right choices for you and your health. I read something the other day that said, "instead of saying I've had no motivation, say I've made bad choices and not been disciplined" that hit hard. These past couple of days the choices I've made have not furthered or enhanced my wellbeing. It is wrong to say I am navigating this lockdown poorly but I have definitely let my health and well-being slip in a way that it shouldn't have.

This experience has humbled me in so many ways, and it has reassured me the importance of the health and fitness industry and the role of my job as a coach. You are not only providing information and guidence, you are someones accountaibilty, someones support system and someones beacon to keep pushing. We need to reach out to our support systems, too keep us active, eating healthy and getting those steps in.

I have started holding myself accountable, checking in with you guys, reaching out to others to help me finish my workouts, go for those walks or even finish drinking my water. These steps are huge but they are the little things that add up. It may seem silly to some but posting my progress is my accountability, it is my way of showing up for not only myself but for you guys, hopefully even one other person will find it helpful and make them get those extra 1.000 steps or hit their active minutes.

Invest in your health and find your accountability.

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